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CryptoManiaks Unveils Guaranteed Bitcoin Course for Cryptocurrency Beginners

CryptoManiaks, a Premiere Cryptocurrency Education Platform, Reveals The Ultimate Beginners Guide on How To Invest in Cryptocurrency. CryptoManiaks has launched the first-ever Bitcoin course with a 100 percent money-back guarantee, Monday, October 01, 2018. The course contains three core modules that function as a step-by-step, interactive guide for those who are interested in getting started with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Visitors can learn from written descriptions and audio or video presentations at their own pace and on any device. While the majority of other courses are centered on trading schemes or thinly veiled affiliate marketing programs, CryptoManiaks focuses on demystifying cryptocurrency as merely another option for diversifying an investment portfolio.

Mendel Benoit, CryptoManiaks co-founder and CEO, states, “We’re quite proud of our course. I can safely say there isn’t another one like it – especially not one that offers our satisfaction guarantee. Our team has over 25 years of cryptocurrency expertise and we have traditional backgrounds in finance, data analysis and development. Simply put, it’s the culmination of all of our applied knowledge through experience and research. It’s a course designed for beginners by professionals, especially for those that are technologically challenged. If you can check your email, you can invest in digital currencies safely, responsibly and successfully.”

The Ultimate Beginners Guide on How To Invest In Cryptocurrency is structured in a familiar style with chapters and subchapters that help guests navigate the seemingly complex world of digital currencies. Guests get their own personal instructor who guides them on what exchanges offer the lowest transaction fees, the best practices for securing digital currencies and how to back up cryptocurrencies. CryptoManiaks also includes bonus modules for investing within one’s means and how to build a balanced portfolio.

About CryptoManiaks

CryptoManiaks was created in 2017 after financial investors Mendel Benoit and Benjamin Ane witnessed firsthand the need for accurate, reliable and easy-to-understand educational materials for the general public. CryptoManiaks currently offers free and paid courses, reviews and the latest cryptocurrency news, in addition to maintaining a members-only community.

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