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Zilliqa Partners With Gravity Team to Boost Liquidity in Emerging Markets

Zilliqa, the high-throughput, low-fee layer 1 blockchain platform, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Gravity Team, a leading algorithmic market maker and liquidity provider in the cryptocurrency space.

This collaboration is poised to significantly enhance liquidity within the Zilliqa ecosystem, particularly in global and emerging markets, providing investors with increased access to liquidity on the Zilliqa network and fostering a more vibrant trading environment.

Gravity Team is a fast-growing quantitative cryptocurrency trading firm and liquidity provider that focuses on both global and local exchanges. Gravity Team has cemented its position as one of the leading crypto market makers and liquidity providers, with cumulative trading volumes of hundreds of billions to date and more than 300 million trades completed across more than 1,400 asset pairs.

Gravity Team’s expertise in algorithmic market making and liquidity provision complements Zilliqa’s mission to empower developers and businesses with an efficient, scalable and high-performance blockchain platform. By leveraging its collaboration with Gravity Team and its improved liquidity provision, Zilliqa aims to bolster its position as the preferred blockchain platform for both institutional and retail finance.

The partnership with Gravity Team underscores Zilliqa’s commitment to expanding its global footprint and facilitating seamless access to its ecosystem for users worldwide, including in emerging markets where available liquidity often struggles to meet local trading demand.

Through its collaboration with Gravity Team, Zilliqa continues to pave the way for innovative applications and services, driving adoption and providing new opportunities for users and investors across diverse markets.

Commenting on the partnership, Zilliqa CEO Matt Dyer said: “We are thrilled to partner with Gravity Team to enhance liquidity within the Zilliqa ecosystem, particularly in emerging markets. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our vision of democratising access to decentralised finance and fostering a more inclusive financial landscape. Together with Gravity Team, we look forward to unlocking new opportunities and driving greater liquidity for Zilliqa investors around the world.”

Gravity Team CEO Martins Benkitis also commented on the partnership, stating: “At Gravity Team, we are excited to collaborate with Zilliqa to strengthen its liquidity in emerging markets and support the growth of its ecosystem. Zilliqa’s innovative approach to blockchain technology aligns with our strong belief in the future of decentralisation and digital assets. Together, we aim to drive liquidity deeper into emerging markets and empower a new wave of investors to participate in the decentralised economy.”

About Zilliqa

Zilliqa is a high-performance, high-security, and low-fee layer-1 blockchain platform. Designed to scale with the demands of global businesses, the blockchain serves as a versatile foundation that facilitates a broad array of Web3 applications and services across a multitude of sectors, providing a robust platform for emerging developers and established enterprises alike.

About Gravity Team

Gravity Team is a leading algorithmic market maker and liquidity provider in the cryptocurrency space. To date, the company has accrued hundreds of billions in cumulative trading volumes across 1,400 crypto asset pairs, comprising 1% of global spot trading volume. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and innovation, Gravity Team leverages advanced trading strategies and cutting-edge technology to provide liquidity solutions for partners across exchanges worldwide.

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