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COCA Celebrates 350,000 Users and a Historic 388% Growth Surge

COCA, the world’s first wallet with a non-custodial debit card, is thrilled to announce a major milestone in its journey towards revolutionizing digital finance. The platform has achieved an impressive feat of reaching 350,000 users, coupled with an extraordinary 388% month-over-month growth in March. This remarkable progress highlights the growing trust and confidence the global community has in COCA’s innovative cryptocurrency wallet and payment solutions.

This achievement underscores the deep trust and confidence that users worldwide have in COCA. The significant surge in user engagement, particularly in March, reflects a growing movement towards COCA’s vision for a secure, seamless, and user-centric cryptocurrency experience.

March witnessed historic growth for COCA, with a record-breaking 388% increase in users. This remarkable expansion not only showcases COCA’s ability to meet user demands but also underscores its role in driving the broader adoption of cryptocurrency transactions and management.

COCA is at the forefront of the digital finance revolution, leading through innovation and robust security. By offering a comprehensive, non-custodial solution that bridges traditional financial systems with the digital currency landscape, COCA has positioned itself as a pioneer shaping the future of finance.

“We are beyond excited to see our community thrive and to witness such extraordinary growth,” stated Mila Kryvko, CMO of COCA. “Achieving 350,000 users alongside a 388% growth in March is a clear indication of our team’s dedication and our users’ unwavering support. We’re just at the start of our journey and look forward to continuing this momentum.”

As COCA sets its sights on continued innovation and expansion, it remains committed to enhancing its service offerings and prioritizing the security and needs of its users. Both existing and new users are warmly invited to join COCA on this exciting journey to redefine the landscape of digital finance, one transaction at a time.

About COCA Wallet

COCA is the world’s first wallet with a non-custodial debit card that leverages Multi-Party Computation (MPC) cryptography to ensure that your funds are safe from common risks associated with seed phrases and private keys, setting a new standard for security in the industry. With its non-custodial debit and virtual card, you can seamlessly spend your stablecoins and cryptocurrencies at over 40 million merchants across 200+ countries, all while maintaining complete control over your funds with zero third-party risks. COCA Wallet guarantees the best rates through our advanced routing engine, which scans and compares prices across 17 onramps and 182 local payment methods, ensuring optimal trading and conversion experiences.

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